HERMES エルメス メンズ コンスタンス 32 リバーシブル Hベルト 100 黒Xエトープ エトゥープ スイフトXエプソン ギロッシュシルバー金具 新品 Constance 32 Reversible H Belt Black Noir Etoupe

HERMES エルメス メンズ "コンスタンス 32" リバーシブル Hベルト #100 黒Xエトープ スイフトXエプソン ギロッシュシルバー金具 新品
HERMES "Constance 32" Reversible H Belt #100 Black(Noir)/Etoupe Swift/Epsom Guilloche SHW[Brand new][Authentic]
Hermes' popular belt! There is one reversible type H belt which you can use with a simple and wide scene It is very convenient! The combination of easy-to-use Etoupe and Black is an excellent item that you can use in both casual and business scenes! For women, if you are a woman you can also use it as a high waist as an accent from the top of the coat. The big buckle has impact as well. This size is a rare size that can not be seen easily even at domestic retail stores. By all means on this occasion!

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